Generosity with Lottery Winnings

It is always nice when lottery jackpot winners share their newfound riches. Jackpot winner Regina Jackson was motivated to give back in a most unusual way. She was motivated to give toilet paper to the needy. She won a $1 million jackpot in New Year’s Raffle from the Ohio Lottery, and it completely transformed her life.
Before she won the lottery, Jackson was struggling to get by. When she was struggling, she often received assistance from a charity organization, Reach Out Lakota. This organization gives food, clothing and other necessities to poor people in southwest Ohio.Jackson had fond memories of the help she received from Reach Out Lakota, but she remembered that the toilet paper they gave was never enough to cover her needs. She recalled having to struggle to survive for a month with just two rolls of toilet paper. She and her mother had to ration out the toilet paper to make it last for the entire month.

She wanted people who are currently receiving assistance from Reach Out Lakota to have a little more margin for error in their toilet paper usage. She told the organization that she wished to donate a truckload of toilet paper. She found out that would cost around $5,000.

Charmin, one of the world’s leading toilet paper manufacturers, found out about Jackson’s generous donation, and they said they wanted to help. They said they would donate the truckload of toilet paper to Reach Out Lakota. That way, the $5,000 that Jackson donated could go towards food and clothing.

This is a heart warming story that shows all of the good things that lottery jackpot winners can do with their good fortune. If you want to have a chance to be as generous as Jackson was, then you need to try to win a lottery jackpot yourself. You can play lotteries online for your chance to win huge jackpots.

As well as donating some of the winnings to Reach Out Lakota, Jackson has also stated that she wishes to make donations to her church and to animal protection organizations. A big lottery jackpot win has allowed her to go from receiving charity to giving it.

When you play lottery jackpot games like this, you will have the chance to be as generous as Jackson is. You can win huge jackpots playing Powerball or other lottery jackpot games online. Give them a try today to have fun and strike it rich.


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