Powerball Lottery Jackpot Winners


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The Powerball is a lottery drawing that people participate in across the country. Tickets for the twice-a-week drawings are sold in 42 states, including Washington, DC, and the U.S. Virgin Islands. Drawings occur on Wednesday and Saturday each week. The drawings are televised on local networks in each state that participates in the lottery. The top jackpot for the drawings starts at $40 million. If a drawing results in no winners for the top amount, it carries over to the next drawing and increases depending on the amount of tickets sold with a minimum rise of $10 million each drawing. Read Entire Article

Generosity with Lottery Winnings

It is always nice when lottery jackpot winners share their newfound riches. Jackpot winner Regina Jackson was motivated to give back in a most unusual way. She was motivated to give toilet paper to the needy. She won a $1 million jackpot in New Year’s Raffle from the Ohio Lottery, and it completely transformed her life.
Before she won the lottery, Jackson was struggling to get by. When she was struggling, she often received assistance from a charity organization, Reach Out Lakota. This organization gives food, clothing and other necessities to poor people in southwest Ohio.Jackson had fond memories of the help she received from Reach Out Lakota, but she remembered that the toilet paper they gave was never enough to cover her needs. She recalled having to struggle to survive for a month with just two rolls of toilet paper. She and her mother had to ration out the toilet paper to make it last for the entire month.

She wanted people who are currently receiving assistance from Reach Out Lakota to have a little more margin for error in their toilet paper usage. She told the organization that she wished to donate a truckload of toilet paper. She found out that would cost around $5,000.

Charmin, one of the world’s leading toilet paper manufacturers, found out about Jackson’s generous donation, and they said they wanted to help. They said they would donate the truckload of toilet paper to Reach Out Lakota. That way, the $5,000 that Jackson donated could go towards food and clothing.

This is a heart warming story that shows all of the good things that lottery jackpot winners can do with their good fortune. If you want to have a chance to be as generous as Jackson was, then you need to try to win a lottery jackpot yourself. You can play lotteries online for your chance to win huge jackpots.

As well as donating some of the winnings to Reach Out Lakota, Jackson has also stated that she wishes to make donations to her church and to animal protection organizations. A big lottery jackpot win has allowed her to go from receiving charity to giving it.

When you play lottery jackpot games like this, you will have the chance to be as generous as Jackson is. You can win huge jackpots playing Powerball or other lottery jackpot games online. Give them a try today to have fun and strike it rich.

Win Big with the Next Powerball Jackpot

What would you do if someone walked up to you tomorrow and handed you a check for 208 MILLION DOLLAR? While it might sound like a dream come true and something that would never actually happen, it could happen if you play the Powerball lottery. Every week that the jackpot goes without a winner, the total amount rises. With several weeks passing since its last winner, the jackpot is now up to 208 million dollars. Click here to buy your Powerball ticket to get a chance at winning.

Think about what you could do with that much money. You could buy a new home, renovate your current home into a show palace or create scholarship funds for your children. You could even help your loved ones by paying for your nieces and nephews to attend college, buy your parents their dream home or treat your siblings to brand new cars. With 208 million dollars , you could even host the party of the century and decide whom to invite. All you need to do is click here to buy a Powerball ticket today.

When no one hit the Powerball last weekend, people flocked to the Internet to talk about it. Twitter went wild with thousands of people tweeting what they would do if they won the lottery. Many of those people thought about how the money would change their lives while others dreamed of leaving behind their jobs to travel around the world. It’s time to stop dreaming and start playing.

While 208 million dollars is a lot of money, so too is $1 or $2 million. Every time that you play the Powerball, you have a chance to win $1 million or more. If you hit the Match 5, you walk away with $1 million. If you hit the Match 5 Power Play, you can walk off with $2 million. Even if you don’t land the big prize, you still have a chance to win a large sum that will make your life a lot easier.

Now is the perfect time to buy your next Powerball ticket. Those who win are the ones who take action and buy a ticket. You can’t win by sitting at home and dreaming about what you would do with the money, and you can’t win if you forget to buy a ticket. Click here to buy your next ticket and increase your chances of becoming the next big Powerball winner.

Six Lessons Learned From Previous Powerball Jackpot Winners

Everyone who plays the lottery hopes to win, but no one really expects to hit the jackpot. Many view the possibility of winning so improbable that they do not create a serious plan detailing what they would do if they were to win. We all have our dreams, but few people are prepared to spend millions of dollars responsibly. As a result, many lottery winners lose their winnings quickly; they sometimes end up with more debt than they originally had. Even those who think they are acting wisely by investing their money can make poor business decisions that lead to financial ruin, especially if they have no prior business experience.

Playing the lottery and not having a plan is akin to being pregnant and not preparing for a child. Here are some lessons that everyone can learn from past Powerball winners.

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Jackpot Lottery

Winning the jackpot lottery can be a thrilling and exciting experience for those who are lucky enough to have their numbers called. With different lotteries available to play all over the world, winners from the United States, Europe, Canada, South America, Australia and everywhere in between have the chance of winning millions of dollars by simply purchasing a $1 to $2 lottery ticket. Ticket prices may vary based on location and the type of game that you are opting to play. Jackpot lottery prize amounts can fluctuate based on the number of individuals that have purchased tickets for the game and how long the lottery has being going on without finding a winner. Numerous drawings can be held before a winner is found, rising each time up to massive jackpot lottery amounts of $600 millions. Read Entire Article

Lottery Jackpot – Let’s talk BIG

When lottery jackpot prizes reach record-breaking amounts, many individuals from around the world head out to their local convenience store to purchase a ticket for a chance to win millions. Even those who do not typically play the lottery may be tempted to give the game a shot when the lottery jackpot is exceptionally large. In most cases, the jackpot amount tends to rise when there are no winners from previous drawings. Drawings can go on for months without a winner, raising the winnings to up to $600 million. Read Entire Article

The Largest Lottery Jackpot

biggestjackpot 250x300 The Largest Lottery JackpotWith lotteries available to play all over the world, many see participating in these games as a potential way to win big and earn all of the money that they will need for the rest of their lives. While many choose to play top lottery games such as Mega Millions and PowerBall, few expect to win and are taken by surprise when their lucky numbers are actually called. Winners each week take home anywhere from an average of $1 million to $30 million due to pure luck. Some of the luckiest players in the history of lotteries have won the largest lottery jackpot prize amounts of $300 to $600 million dollars and up. These winnings have been spent by the winners on simply living a normal day-to-day life, traveling, purchasing vehicles and dream homes, saving for retirement and going toward their children’s education. By opting to play a lottery game available in your state, you could be well on your way to winning one of the largest lottery jackpot prizes of all time. Read Entire Article

Mega Millions Lottery Jackpot

new california lottery megamillions logo1 300x157 Mega Millions Lottery JackpotMega Millions is well-known across the country as one of the most popular lotteries, available in most states. From California to New York, players from across the United States test their luck in hopes of winning the Mega Millions Lottery jackpot. Many of the lucky winners are ordinary individuals who opt to save their winnings towards retirement, to pay for their children’s education, to go on fun-filled vacations and to even buy that dream house that they have always wanted. By simply participating in the lottery each week, players are giving themselves the chance to win anywhere from $30 to $100 million and much more. Read Entire Article

Florida Lottery jackpot

fllottery Florida Lottery jackpot Florida residents dreaming of making millions in just a short period of time may opt to start playing the state’s lottery. The Florida Lottery games can give ordinary people the chance to go home with millions of dollars every week. Because gambling in the lottery is complete luck, there are no skills needed to become one of the next big winners. One of the largest Florida Lottery jackpot amounts was claimed by six individuals who shared an amazing $106.5 million in September of 1990. In more recent years, jackpots have sky-rocketed above $50 million on a regular basis, giving you the chance to win the next Florida Lottery jackpot and become one of the wealthiest people you know. Read Entire Article